The sanitary and shower containers offered by Aiga Concept represent an innovative and versatile solution in the field of modular furnishings. Designed to meet the need for comfort and hygiene, these containers offer complete sanitary facilities, from toilets to showers, and are suitable for a variety of environments such as construction sites, outdoor events, temporary areas, military bases and living bases.

The design of Aiga Concept’s sanitary containers incorporates quality materials, with all components made of stainless steel. This feature guarantees exceptional robustness and long life, ensuring resistance to the most rigorous environmental conditions and optimum durability even in demanding environments.
As an option, these containers can be fitted with photovoltaic and thermal panels, offering total energy autonomy. This environmentally-friendly solution is particularly well-suited to sites that are remote or have no access to conventional electricity.

What’s more, the speed with which it can be installed in less than an hour underlines the practicality and efficiency of deployment, ideal for responding quickly to our customers’ needs. Aiga Concept’s sanitary and shower containers are a complete solution, combining practicality, durability, energy autonomy and superior manufacturing quality.