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MISSION: Ensure maximum QUALITY, INNOVATION and PERFORMANCE, creating value for all those involved in the company’s activity.

VISION: To be recognized for the quality and effectiveness of the water treatment systems developed in the company, seeking to continually improve and in order to reach new business opportunities.

VALUES: Dedication, Team Spirit, Professionalism, Experience, Confidentiality, Transparent Management, Cost Optimization and Ongoing Support.

Adaptation to customer needs

Idealize and design systems that are simple to operate and maintain.

Guarantee of high quality, efficiency and durability of products/services

Approach: Aiga Concept takes a holistic approach, integrating the vision and aspirations of its clients into every aspect of the design.


Aiga Concept is based in VISEU, Portugal.

The company has specialized since 2010 in the construction of water treatment units in shipping containers, as well as certain ancillary products.

Aiga Concept has been turning a shipping container into a water treatment plant. A team of 16 people is dedicated to the production of mobile life camp solutions, such as containerized water stations and sanitary units. A new production plant will enable them to meet growing customer demand.

Aiga Concept has extensive experience in the design and construction of drinking water and wastewater treatment systems.

The emphasis on technological development and innovation has resulted in the optimization of the water treatment processes offered to our clients.

In engineering, we create and develop innovative solutions adapted to each client on a case-by-case basis.

All our equipment is designed in 3D CAD to suit reality.


AIGA Concept has deep experience in the development of innovative engineering projects and solutions adapted to each client, for water treatment in compact and mobile systems (container installations) as well as in the manufacturing of living containers and expandable containers .

The implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS), defined according to the guidelines of the EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, proves to be a strategic strengthening option to consolidate all the processes allowing the business to evolve.

Thus, with all possible efforts, AIGA Concept intends to achieve its mission by integrating the following commitments:

  • Comply with requirements established with clients, drive process optimization, to ensure their conditions are met and, wherever possible, their expectations are exceeded. In order to guarantee the client high levels of service, competitive prices, services adapted to the specific characteristics and needs of each client, who must recognize AIGA Concept as a privileged partner in the exercise of its competitive capabilities.
  • Ensure quality standards to ensure business sustainability, progressively improve the design, development of wastewater supply and treatment systems and solutions, with emphasis on developing high-performance service civil liability, as well as on the optimization of existing resources. Seek fair and united growth so that there is good harmony in the company;
  • Foster good relationships with suppliers and interested parties, by promoting the development of partnerships;
  • Ensure the necessary conditions in terms of skills and motivation of workers so that they are reflected in the quality of the final product, in order to increase their performance, competence and satisfaction, encourage participation in maintenance and improvement continuous quality management system;
  • Comply with the legal, regulatory and normative requirements applicable to its field of activity, its products and services inherent to the scope of the system in accordance with the ISO EN NP 9001 standard;
  • Promote continuous improvement and effectiveness of the Quality Management System (QMS) by establishing and reviewing indicators, objectives and targets for different business areas.

We are particularly sensitive and attentive to the impact that our activities can cause, which is why we understand that we adopt and maintain, whenever economically and socially sustainable, the best operational and control solutions, guaranteeing the security of everyone involved, from our employees, to our customers, stakeholders, environmental protection, in the short and especially in the long term.