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Aiga Concept’s drinking water storage containers are advanced solutions that guarantee optimum, safe storage of water intended for human consumption. Constructed from high-quality materials, these containers are completely watertight and protected against external contaminants.
Featuring a robust design, the containers offer durability and resistance to varied environmental conditions. Modular and adaptable, they are ideal for emergency situations, humanitarian operations, temporary events or development projects.

Aiga Concept’s tank containers offer a wide range of storage capacities, from 6m3 to 65m3, depending on the model. This diverse range meets specific storage needs, offering a solution to suit every requirement, while ensuring efficient management of liquid resources.

They use a polyurea resin specifically designed for drinking water, offering exceptional elasticity of 200%. This resin provides an effective impermeable barrier, helping to preserve stored water.

A notable advantage is the speed of installation, requiring less than 1h for assembly. Our tank containers are the ideal complement to our containerised water treatment plants. By perfectly integrating our storage capacities with our advanced purification technologies, we offer an integrated solution, guaranteeing a continuous supply of drinking water.

Depending on their configuration, some containers can be fitted with water distribution booster sets and a chlorine production unit for disinfection. Our containers are ideal for storing both raw and drinking water, as they are quick and easy to maintain and clean, unlike flexible bladders. This versatility reinforces their usefulness in a variety of contexts, responding effectively to the specific requirements of each project or event.

In short, Aiga Concept’s drinking water storage containers combine robustness, modularity and advanced technology, with an emphasis on an elastic polyurea resin, offering reliable and effective solutions, ensuring access to quality drinking water, even in difficult conditions, in record time.