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Aiga Concept’s wastewater treatment containers represent a remarkable innovation in the field of wastewater treatment. Our modular units offer complete, mobile solutions for efficient urban wastewater treatment. Based on the activated sludge process, these containers guarantee wastewater purification in compliance with the strictest environmental and health standards.

The modular design of these containers makes them easy to deploy in a variety of environments, whether for temporary needs, emergency situations, development projects or humanitarian operations. Their adaptability means that they can be custom-configured to meet the specific requirements of each project.

Aiga Concept places great emphasis on durability, using high-quality materials that ensure the containers are resistant to environmental conditions and have a long service life.

A notable advantage is the speed of assembly, enabling the containers to be put into service in less than 3 hours. This feature underlines the responsiveness of Aiga Concept’s wastewater treatment plant containers, providing effective solutions for responding quickly to wastewater treatment needs.

In short, Aiga Concept’s wastewater treatment plant containers are versatile solutions in 20″ and 40″ containers that combine efficiency, durability, adaptability and quick assembly. They play an essential role in responsible wastewater management, helping to preserve the environment and meeting global water challenges.