Aiga Concept’s Foldainer expandable containers represent a revolutionary advance in the modularity and efficiency of mobile structures. These innovative containers are designed to offer exceptional flexibility, with the ability to extend and retract according to the specific needs of each project.

Foldainer’s unique design allows for quick and easy expansion, providing an adaptive solution for variable spaces, whether for housing, offices, retail, surgery, medical wards, pharmacies, kitchens or other applications. When deployed, this 3-in-1 container triples its surface area to up to 33m² , offering extraordinary versatility to meet a wide range of needs.

Aiga Concept places great emphasis on build quality, using durable and resistant materials to ensure the robustness and longevity of the Foldainers. These modular structures also offer modern features for optimum comfort, while guaranteeing high standards in terms of safety and durability.

Aiga Concept’s Foldainer expandable containers are assembled manually using a cable-operated system. This ingenious approach enables the structure to be extended quickly and efficiently, providing a flexible and practical solution to meet changing project requirements. The manual process is simplified thanks to a cable-drive mechanism, ensuring easy handling while preserving the robustness of the structure and avoiding all the problems that a motorised system could have.

The use of this manual system guarantees ease of deployment, making the Foldainers operational in less than an hour. This feature is particularly valuable in emergency situations, temporary events or projects requiring an immediate response.

Aiga Concept’s Foldainer also stands out as the only expandable container on the market with a unique feature when closed for transport. Unlike competing structures, the Foldainer’s side panels are made of corrugated container steel, rather than lightweight sandwich panel structures.

This clever design gives the Foldainer exceptional strength when in transport mode. The use of corrugated container steel reinforces the strength of the structure, providing optimum protection for the contents against shocks, vibrations and other stresses encountered during transport.

Aiga Concept is offering an even more complete solution, with the option of supplying a self-sufficient Foldainer equipped with up to 12 photovoltaic panels of 420WC each. This option considerably enhances the Foldainer’s versatility, enabling it to be deployed in remote areas or in the event of power cuts, offering an autonomous and durable solution that complies with current standards of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

Thanks to the integration of high-performance batteries, the autonomous Foldainer can store the energy produced by the photovoltaic panels during the day. This feature allows the stored energy to be restored at night or in periods of low light.

The adaptability of Foldainer expandable containers makes them ideal for meeting the evolving needs of various projects. Their versatility, combined with their speed of deployment, makes them an optimal solution for a variety of applications, offering an effective response to sectors requiring modular, expandable structures.